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This is me

Andreas Freudensprung
Physiotherapist - Osteopath - Podiatrist - FMS/SFMA trainer

My story

I have been working as a physical therapist and osteopath with people of all ages and fitness levels for over 20 years. As a former competitive athlete, I have always dealt intensively with the human body and how it works and have found the strongest personal resonance in the fields of orthopaedics, (sports) traumatology, osteopathy, training therapy and surgery.

Many years of experience enable me to recognize the overall picture of a problem situation and to adapt my therapy individually to the personal goal of the person in front of me. My focus is therefore on (re)gaining optimal and symptom-free movement, function and resilience in everyday life as well as in hobby and top-class sports.

- Qualified physiotherapist (Wilhelminenspital of the City of Vienna)
- Osteopath (Vienna School of Osteopathy)
- FMS-SFMA Trainer (HumanMotions Functional Movement in Holland)
- Podiatrist
- Physiotherapist of the Austrian national squash team
- Former physiotherapist of 1.FC Vienna
- Multiple squash double and team state champion, multiple World and European Championship participants

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