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This is me

Nina Mariella Krenkel

My story

My name is Nina Mariella Krenkel. I completed my training as a physiotherapist at the Vienna University of Applied Sciences campus in 2015.  Movement, training and sport have been integral parts of my life since my childhood. Tennis, football, skiing and athletics are sports that I practice as a hobby and for performance. Especially in sports, the various performance parameters of the body are shown. 

The complexity of the human body and its movement sequences aroused my interest in physiotherapy, and they inspire and fascinate me to this day. For me, restoring the desired condition and efficient recovery are the major goals of physiotherapy. It is important for me to work out goals with patients and to set the goal-oriented physiotherapeutic measures in order to achieve the individual goals of each individual.


Through my physiotherapeutic work with patients, specific subject areas have aroused my interest and encouraged me to take the following training courses:
•    ESP- Soprtphysiotherapist
•    Myofascial taping
•    Myofascial Integration 
•    Cranio Sacral
•    Treatment strategies for chronic back pain

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